The video goes through the entire strucutre.
The intention was to show the effects scale has on how long you spend in a building. 
The task is to circumvent the entire structure and go outside.
The jury members were walking through my building as I went through my presentation.
The Infinite Garden.
The glass is created from the surounding desert.
While on the glass you would seem to be floating with the trees.
The space utilizes a sereis of force perspectives to give the illusion of foreshortening or depth, depending on wheather you are coming or going.
The entire structure is subterranean earth building responding as an antithesis to the current building trends in Abu Dhabi.
Infinite Garden_01
Infinite Garden_02
Infinite Garden_03
Infinite Garden_04
On an Infinite Garden.
View down into an Infinite Garden.
For the project I created a walkthrough game to give the jury members a sense of the scale of the space.
While I was presenting other aspects of the project they were walking around the digital model.
View through the first opening.
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