HexoBABBLE is a fantasy world of creation. Drawing from the story of the Tower of Babble, a crew of vastly different characters enter the environment with the ability to build a tower to the sky.  Without language, without reason, each character must interact with the others - whether by cooperation or disruption- in order to coexist in the world.  Without any explicit directions or motivations or wisdom, the players begin to build upwards to the sky, for no other reason, simply because they can.
Through their custom inventory of tiles, the characters are able to create a world in their image, while finding their way to the sky.  What will be the secret hidden in the heavens?
HexoBABBLE is a multiplayer collaborative game.  There are 4 distinct characters, with unique appearances and proportions. Each character has different properties and building blocks.

Each character has an inventory of 5 building tiles.  They are grouped by colour, each character owning a set of variations of green, red, blue, or yellow tiles.  There is one special tile in the inventory that is a <SEED>. These <SEED> tiles will grow distinct types of trees over time after they are instantiated in the world.  While seeds are being planted or trees are growing, no new tiles may be built on top of them.  Three of the characters has its own distinct tree types, while the last one has a suprise <SEED> element.
Tiles will be made in the hexagonal grid, where the player is positioned.

The objective of the game is implicit and open-ended. Players are loosely suggested to build a tower to the hidden Moon high above the world.
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